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A young company present on two continents
Global Composites S.L. it is a young company. It was born in 2015 when its General Director and CEO, Rafael Mellado, reached a agreement with Swancor Highpolymer Co. LTD. to distribute in several European countries the resins that they produce in their factories of Taiwan, China and Malaysia. Global Composites has its headquarters in Alicante and is present mainly in France, Italy and Portugal, in addition to Spain. Recently she has also been chosen to represent them in the countries of North Africa serving their products from the logistics base located in Alicante.

The four columns that
support Global Composites

In essence, Global Composites is a platform for products and services related to Composite Materials. This platform is solidly supported by four pillars or columns. The first column is that of SWANCOR EPOXY-VINYLESTER resins. The second column contains the EPOXY SWANCOR resins. The third column that supports the platform contains the UMAR resins. And finally, the fourth column includes other auxiliary products that participate in the manufacture of composites in general, such as peroxides, mold release agents, and machinable putties, among others.
GLOBAL COMPOSITES d distributes its products throughout Spain, part of Europe and northern Africa

NATIONAL AND international distribution

With a logistics base in Alicante, Barcelona and Milan, GLOBAL COMPOSITES has the ability to quickly distribute its products wherever they are needed

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