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Hand-Lay Up Epoxy Resin

Hand Lay-Up is one of the oldest processes which denotes craftsmanship in the composites industry.
This manufacturing process is one of the most generalised in the production of FRP parts, whereby a mold, demolding waxes or mold treatments, Gel Coatings, polymeric matrix (polyester, Vinylester or Epoxy resins), together with structural reinforcements (Fibreglass, Aramids or Carbons) in their varying properties are the only components involved in the process.

Honeycomb-type core materials or similar products are also usually used to strengthen and reduce the weight of manufactured parts.

A wax-release agent is applied to the mold during the Hand Lay-Up process to ensure that the part does not stick to the mold in the subsequent laminating stage, whereby the mold is previously treated with gel coating, and structural reinforcements are used (Fabric, Mats, Biaxals) together with the corresponding resin suitable for the project in hand (Polyester, Vinylester or Epoxy) and its peroxide or corresponding hardener.

Usage of the correct tools, metal rollers, brushes and demolding tools is of paramount importance at this production stage.

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